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Radio Mobile Deluxe user group - Revised

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 7:31 pm
by miked2000
I don't know if you have seen this, maybe you are using it. It is a very
nice freeware that can have many uses for the radio hobbyist. Now you canuse SRTM data that will make it even better and there is a APRS Packet
function. I thought it was worth passing the information on to you.

There seems to be a little learning curve with the software and a free
e-mail group has been set up to try to help get everyone started. The group
needs experienced users to help out.

Here is the link to the software page in both english and French:

Radio Mobile Deluxe by VE2DBE is not a commercial product of Communication Plus but is freeware by Roger Coudé. This freeware package is a terrainelevation-mapping package for Ham radio; it is also very useful for commercial radio shops to calculate their repeater coverage.

There is a new group set up for Radio Mobile Deluxe at:

You can also find information on my website. Feel free to
send me pictures, tips, ideas that I can add to this page and
help it grow.

Please join the group, help those who are starting, get help, exchange
ideas and discursion in general about Radio Mobile Deluxe.