GMRS questions....

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GMRS questions....

Post by tylercnty316 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:19 am

Greetings all.I have a few questions about GMRS radio use.I just got my GMRS license and it has a waiver stating"Anyone living North of line A and eadt of lineC may not operate on 462/467.65 or 462/467.700 unless previous license authorized such operations."What does that mean?I dont want to do anything to get in trouble and I cant seem to find anything on the web about it.Where is north of line A and east of line C?Next question is about setting up a repeater.Do I have to have permission from the FCC to set up a repeater or can I build one,put it in service and use it?There are no GMRS repeaters anywhere around and I would like to get one up and running.Any info that anyone provides is greatly appreciated.Thanks...Jason

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Re: GMRS questions....

Post by Starion » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:39 am

The FCC Line A Regulations were established during the WARC 79 conference, (World Administrative Radio Conference, 1979) and are meant to protect Canadian Land/Mobile operations near the US/Canadian border from interference. The frequencies you mentioned (462/467.6500 & 462/467.7000) are co-located with established services in Canada. Some of which can be considered critical communications like wireless cardiac monitoring equipment (telemetry) and similar low-power medical communication devices used in hospitals. Obviously operating GMRS frequencies at allowed power output (also factor in the ERP which can be in the hundreds of watts output level) may potentially cause interference if allowed to operate close to Line A/Line C.

In a nutshell for the U.S. GMRS user, the guidelines for Lines A/C and B/D operations on specific frequencies respectfully help to minimize the potential interference for established communications already in use in Canada.

Usually a private entity comes along and can better describe certain issues better than the federal folks and their (our)
dollars can do. Here’s a great example of this. A link below is from the Personal Radio Steering Group, Inc. giving the best explanation regarding your original question

Here’s a map. This is probably the best way to determine if your communications on those frequencies mentioned fall within the North of Line A and East of Line C.

This is the URL from the FCC defining Line A

Here’s a program to determine whether you fall within the parameters

As far as notifying the FCC for planning to place a repeater on the air I’m not really sure. I would think that if you used Type Accepted equipment that had the Part 95A certification and kept the TPO (Total Power Output) up to the 50 watt limit, you would be OK with placing the repeater up. If anyone can elaborate on this I’m sure it would be welcomed.

Your only problem would be is to coordinate the frequency to be used with any other repeaters in your area. Additionally there’s the coordination with the CTCSS to access such a repeater too. There are no official coordination committees established to oversee the process. Problems with frequencies used and the tones needed to access them have been dealt with through a gentlemen’s agreement. This is usually more so a problem in the larger populated metro areas where overcrowding can occur.

Good luck with your endeavor!


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Re: GMRS questions....

Post by tylercnty316 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:02 am

Thanks for the information Starion.The link gave me the information I was needing about Line A and Line C.It shows 18 states affected and West Virginia is not one of them.As I mentioned before there are no local gmrs repeaters in my local area and I would like to get one up and running.There is one ham repeater(vhf,about 20 miles from me) and the uhf links for law enforcement(450,about a mile and half from me),but no gmrs.I'd really like to be able to extend the range and didnt know if there was any regulations other than the ones already in place(heigth of antenna or tower,etc,etc...).Thanks again....Jason

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Re: GMRS questions....

Post by k2hz » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:40 am

If you are in West Virginia you need to be sure you are not in the "quiet zone" per 47CFR1.924

Sec. 1.924 Quiet zones.

Areas implicated by this paragraph are those in which it is
necessary to restrict radiation so as to minimize possible impact on the
operations of radio astronomy or other facilities that are highly
sensitive to interference. Consent throughout this paragraph means
written consent from the quiet zone, radio astronomy, research, and
receiving installation entity. The areas involved and procedures
required are as follows:
(a) NRAO, NRRO. The requirements of this paragraph are intended to
minimize possible interference at the National Radio Astronomy
Observatory site located at Green Bank, Pocahontas County, West
Virginia, and at the Naval Radio Research Observatory site at Sugar Grove,
Pendleton County, West Virginia.
(1) Applicants and licensees planning to construct and operate a new
or modified station at a permanent fixed location within the area
bounded by N 39[deg]15[min]0.4[sec] on the north, W
78[deg]29[min]59.0[sec] on the east, N 37[deg]30[min]0.4[sec] on the
south, and W 80[deg]29[min]59.2[sec] on the west must notify the
Director, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Post Office Box No. 2,
Green Bank, West Virginia 24944, in writing, of the technical details of
the proposed operation. The notification must include the geographical
coordinates of the antenna location, the antenna height, antenna
directivity (if any), the channel, the emission type and power.

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Re: GMRS questions....

Post by tylercnty316 » Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:36 pm

Thanks for the info.I am located in Tyler county,I dont believe I have anything to worry about with that.I'll do some research to see though,but I dont believe I would be a bother to them.They are a few hours away from me.

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Re: GMRS questions....

Post by No More Saddam » Thu Feb 28, 2008 1:39 pm

You do not need to coordinate a repeater in the GMRS service. The rules have changed over the years.

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