Regarding a Uniden UH-077 Mobile Radio

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Regarding a Uniden UH-077 Mobile Radio

Post by RebelTNT » Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:04 am

Its just come to my attention the other day that the radio stopped transmiting

I have purchased new Sealed pretuned Antena 6Db i think, And a new replacment Mic
The tech store said i am getting into thier channel with a strong carrier but no sound transmits, and i can not hear the transmit repeate on the local repeater

But i do hear lots of chatter reasonably clear and at a fair range...

I have dismantled the unit and checked for the following:
Obvious burnt out areas, Loose mic jack connector, Bad coaxial connector, cleanned up the unit and put it back together as it seems to be fine to my Eye that is

No Multimeter, Or Circut tests have been done yet,

Wondering if anyone can point me into the right direction B4 i go take it to the shop for the to charge me $105AUD just to look at it and then an additional $58.00 to repair it. The total of $268.00 is a New Radio or a deposit on a decent Scanning /Reciever like the UBCT-9 250 Channel TrunkTracker III Mobile Scanner

Thanks in advance and love the forum, only became a member today tho

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