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Link Radio corp Type 2442 console

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:37 pm
by firedog359
Hello all, I am a firefighter here in NC and my hobby is collecting and displaying vintage public safety radios and dispatch consoles. I recently purchased something off Ebay that I am really needing some help with. It's a 40's/ early 50's Link Radio Corp Type 2442 desktop radio console. The chassis is tagged: Radio transmitter-receiver type 2365 ED-2. The chassis is removable and is held into a mounting plate by two thumbscrews. I have been told that the chassis is possibly a mobile unit converted for base use. There is a separate AC/DC power supply that plugs into the chassis via a large 12 pin rectangular plug and the front panel meters, switches, lights and speaker are on a common harness that plugs into the power supply and chassis via two round 9 pin vacuum tube type plugs. This console is actually pretty amazing in it's modular design for something made in this time period. I have tried researching this console online and there is very little on anything made by Link. From what little that I have found, Anything Link is fairly rare and Fred Link was apparently somewhat secretive about his radios. The console needs a complete electronics restoration and there are a few tubes missing but without some service manuals or schematics it's going to be really tough to restore. I am hoping that someone out there may have these items or just some good general information on this console. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.