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Peerless Signagraph code trainer

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:06 pm
by firedog359
Hello all I have picked up a nice vintage Peerless signagraph wind up code trainer from the 1920's/ 30's. I am trying to find any manuals or documentation on it. It's a rather interesting piece. The crank wind up mechanical part is just to move the paper tape through the keyer. It works like a old player piano with a paper tape with holes punched in it for the dits and dahs. After I removed the chassis from the case I discovered it has an electrical/ electronic circuit in it. There is a vacuum tube and a simple circuit for the buzzer. There is a label showing that it requires a 22 1/2 volt and 1 1/2 volt source. if any one who has any info that you can pass along on this unit, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks