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VX-177 and VX-127

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 5:49 am
Well Vertex did it again. When I filled out my warranty card for my VX-170 I asked if they could make a UHF (70cm) version...and apparently they have...
well at least GigaParts says so.

They list the VX-127 which is an 8-key version (like the VX-120) but UHF, for 159.99 and the VX-177 full keypad version (like the VX-170) for 169.99. Both come with the FNB-83 packs. Can't find any reference to them on but that isn't surprising. Anyone know when these will be available? I love it when a plan comes together!

I have been wanting a UHF monband ham HT since I sold off my Icom O4's and long ago my old FT-73R (man that was a cool HT) but they since disappeared off the US market. It seems as Vertex heard me griping since the now legendary VX-150 came out 6 years or so ago, that a UHF version was indeed desired. (yes, I know it's a close cousin to the VX-210, but I really like having a VFO and true field programming for ham use.)

VX-177 ht

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 11:03 am
by N3CHU
Hi, Got the VX-177 a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it. Feels and sounds like a commercial radio, a little heft to it for its size and I like that. Not a plastic radio. The recieve audio is loud and seems to like my 63 year old ears, I keep having to turn it down. Its the first Ham radio that actualy puts out near rated power(41/2 watts) which is more than I expected. I have other Yaesu hts and found myself programming it without the manual. I have the 16 button model and the buttons are not too small like on some of the others. So far I havent found any mods or programming software available like is available for the VX-120. Dont care for the VX-7R type of belt hanger and would like to have a REAL belt clip if they ever become available. I,m sure that if you get one you will really like it. 73 for now. Davie n 3 C H U at P.S. you can use nicads, nic med hydride, lithium ion and mode of the FNB-57/83 series also the one that takes the AA cells..

yaesu vx-177

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:53 pm
by wd4exh
I have also had my vx-177 for about 2 weeks and the radio is awesome. the receive sensitivity is .11@12 db sinad and all levels were right on. I had it at a tower site hooked to a uhf stick and the radio did not get desensed or intermod, I don't know of any other ht's that would work like that.