VX-929 Having issues with QCII Paging

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VX-929 Having issues with QCII Paging

Post by Napsterbater » Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:04 pm

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this problem.

OK I have a Vx-929 with Firmware Ver. 1.82 and using CE59 Ver. 2.20 it also has a DVS-5 voice storage board installed.

When I first got the radio (about 2 months ago) I downloaded the config from the radio and edited it with all the channels and settings including the 2-Tone Settings (1 group page and 1 Individual page pair) and uploaded it and I couldn't get it to respond to pages, so at the suggestion of Vertex tech support I used a blank file that came with CE59 and edited with the same setting as my outer file uploaded it and re-downloaded it (to config the DVS-5) and re-uploaded it again (every setting was Identical) and it worked fine for about 2 months. Now the other day I added, rearranged and fixed a few channels in that config file not touching any other settings and uploaded it to the radio and yet again it wouldn't respond to the pages tried uploading it again same so after messing with it for 2 days I opened the blank config and started over yet again and magically it worked. Is there a reason just changing settings/channels not related to the toning settings casues this problem? I never had any problem with my VX-354/CE86 doing anything like this.

Thanks for any suggestions, I hate having to make a whole new file just to added or change channels.

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