VX-6000 RF Problem

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VX-6000 RF Problem

Post by krs123 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:18 pm

Our Volunteer Rescue Squad recently purchased a new ambulance and had a VX-6000 installed with dual control heads. We noticed the radio in the front did not have any audio when transmitting, (control head in back worked fine)...would key up repeater but no red light would come on on the radio and thus no audio when transmitting. Contacted dealer and he determined that RF was getting into the microphone or mic cord.
You could move the microphone around and hold in different locations and it would work. This is 100 watt output and the antenna is located on the top of the cab and not the rear Box. We dont have an option to locate antenna on top of box due to height of door that we back in.

Well dealer has been going back and forth with Vertex and it seems this has been a problem with this radio in the past but thought they had resolved it. Vertex tech advised to put RF chokes on the microphone cord and I think some other places and this still has not solved the problem. We cut the power down to 50 watts and it works fine, but on 100 watts it is still not consistently working, based on where the location you hold the mic.

I am about ready to tell them to pull this radio out and look at another brand.
We have the dual head Kenwood in our other ambulance and antenna in same location and have not had a problem.

Anybody ever run into this and have any suggestions? Thanks for any advice.

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