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VXR-1000, removing busy channel lockout

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:54 am
by rf_burns
We have 4 VXR-1000 mobile repeaters, all with the same problem. They will not transmit if the VXR-1000 is picking up a signal, in our case its RFI (RF noise). It should prevent its transmit only if it has a correct CTCSS. Cranking the squelch is not an option (we've tried it anyway and the carrier squelch will open with a noisy signal).

Its been back to Vertex who "fixed it" but the issue still remains. We took a new one from the box and tried it (in case we messed up the programming) and it did the same with the default programming.

If the VXR-1000's mic is set to broadcast on both repeater and mobile radio, if the VXR-1000 squelch is open, it will not transmit on either radio.
We can't find anything in programming or in the service manual to fix this issue.

Anyone have any ideas?