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VXR-7000 Programming Cable Is it the correct cable

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:47 am
by boatanchors
I just purchased the VXR-7000V 150-174 and I now have the CE27 v1.08 but I don't have a programming cable as of yet and im not sure which one I need, I found one listed on eBay that states it Replaces Vertex Standard CT-104A, FIF-12A, FIF-10A, VX-VPL1, CT-126, CT-127, CT-106 and states that No Radio Interface Box Needed, it says it Plugs directly to Serial port.. Here is the link to the cable on eBay ... Swd4tT-Cml

Could someone please take a look at this and confirm whether its the correct cable I need to program my repeater please any help would be greatly appreciated very much... Thanks for your help Chris