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Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:58 pm
by radio_rookie
Hi to anyone who`s reading this!
I`m kind of new in radio and some of my questions might seem childish but I want to learn as much as I can :grin:

I recently bought two ERICSSON Orion D2PLS2 and one ERICSSON M-RK PK2PEE. I bought them without antennas except the handheld which was a little damaged one. I powered them without keying the mic. They light up and seemed to be working OK, this being said without verifying the emission.
The person from which I bought them told me that the M-rk was paired with an Orion one and the other is brand new. Now I want to use all three of them being able to communicate with each-other. I don`t know on what freq. they operate and I don't know what antenna should I buy . There are big chances not to work at all without prior programming . Does anyone know on what freq they are working? I would like to use them with their full potential , not just classic way but with EDACS and so on.
If they should be programmed, what is the latest software for them ( on Windows platform)? What software should I use? By programming them can I use them on other freq. ?

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:31 am
by k2hz
The "P" following the "2" in the model numbers indicate these radios are for the 403-430 MHz band.

In the US 403-420 is for the exclusive use of the Federal Government. 420-430 can be used by Public Safety agencies in certain areas near the Canadian border. 420 is also available for Ham use in some areas but most Ham FM activity is 440-450 which these radios are not capable of.

The PK2PEE is for use on EDACS trunked systems. I can't find what type of operation the "LS2" on the D2PLS2 indicates. Both the frequency range and the EDACS mode make these radios most likely of no value. There is a lot of equipment recently scrapped by the Federal Government due to not meeting current technical standards. It is junk. I hope you did not pay much for them.

The bottom line is that these radios can not be used by an individual in the US. Before you buy any more radios you need to be aware that all radios of this type require some type of license to operate. Unless the radios are for a qualifying business use, the only option is GMRS which allows operation on some 462 MHz frequencies for personal communications. If you get a Ham license then 144-148 and 440-450 are the frequency ranges you need. If you do qualify for a business license, you need to be aware that "narrow band" technical standards make a lot of existing radios obsolete as of 1/1/2013 so beware of buying used radios if you don't know what you are doing. Programming adapters and software can be very expensive and you need to understand the technology to program a radio properly. It is best to go to a two way radio dealer to get set up properly.

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:54 am
by k2hz
On futher checking the "L" in D2PLS2 probably indicates Low Power.

I can't find the "S2" but the "EE" in PK2PEE indicates AEGIS Encryption. I suspect the "S2" may also relate to AEGIS.

If this is the case, the encryption modules in the radio were likely removed, destroyed or deactivated by the government prior to disposal. This may make the radio inoperative unless wiring changes are made to bypass the encryption module.

One more reson to stay away from Federal Government surplus radios unless you are sure what you are buying. In some cases the radio programming chip is also removed or destroyed by the Feds.

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:32 am
by radio_rookie
First I want to thank for the reply ! I live in Europe - Romania so I believe that 400-433MHz range on freq are not so "hot". Still that does not means that I don`t require a license.
Reading your reply I was concerned that the encryption module was missing in both of Orions ; so I opened them and I checked. Both of them had the module in place ( removable by just pulling up ) .
I bought them on 100$ ( my earnings are 680$ / month ) . I have the ambition to make them work since two of them were used on a boat here in Romania (I don`t know on what freq). Since they costed me a bit I am determined to try program all three of them on same freq. Its like a personal gold , further more when I bought them I had never heard of them . I`d liked the quality of them , seemed nice and I bought them ( having in mind that I`ll have to program them to work).
Here in Romania 400-430 MHz band is used for private users and 430-433MHz band is allocated for radio amateurs.
All that being said can anyone tell me what is the latest win software used to program the above mentioned radios?
I try to make at home the programming cable for all of them but I want to know the name of the latest (or the best) software for them.

My respect for You all !

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:03 am
by k2hz
You may be able to get an answer to the information on latest software version on the Harris PSPC forum on this board. I do not have access to recent information now that Ericcson is taken over by Harris.

You will need to reprogram the radio for conventional simplex channels since it is useless to you in the EDACS mode unless it used on an EDACS system. You are lucky that the encryption module is not missing so I beleive it can be programmed for non-encrypted use without hardware changes. The radios should be capable of conventional operation with proper programming.

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:15 pm
by radio_rookie
I don`t know much about EDACS system but is it not possible to use these three together in EDACS? For EDACS to work is it necessary to have a central unit? I thought one of Orions could be programmed to be central unit. (sorry if I`m asking stupid questions) . The ones witch were used on a boat after power up shows on their screen 1323 CC SCAN and the other 202 CC SCAN. I believe they are searching for the EDACS control channel. So I though The Orion was the central command unit and the M-RK was the mobile unit.

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:17 am
by k2hz
It is likely that the operation on the boat you described is "SCAT" mode,

The Single Channel EDACS function block provides trunking-like
functions over a single radio channel, using a single base station plus
trunking controller. This combination is normally referred to as SCAT
(Single Channel Autonomous Trunking).

When it is not transmitting a call, the channel operates as a control
channel, and when it receives a call request from a radio, it assigns
itself as a working channel for the duration of the call. SCAT is
normally employed in conjunction with basic, voted or simulcast
EDACS systems to serve a local area not covered by the other radio
systems or a remote area with little traffic."

If the ORION is the "base station" it would need a trunking controller and be capable of full duplex operation.

I do not know much about details of EDACS so I think you are more likely to get more detailed answers on the Harris forum. The EDACS experts on the board may not read this New to Radio forum.

Re: Orion D2PLS2 and M-RK PK2PEE HELP!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:56 pm
by radio_rookie
Thank you for reply I`ll do that!