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Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:57 pm
by RV12PilotDude
Hello. I'm a NewBee here so go easy..... I've had an ICOM A23 handheld radio for years and seldom use it. Yesterday, I had the occasion to use the radio in communicating with an aircraft at my local airport. It work perfect! I tried to use some of the other features of the radio and was successful in listening to the National broadcast of weather. I attempted some other features and this is where I did something and now CL - ERR is displayed on my radio's screen. No matter what I do, I can't removed that message. I've tried removing the battery to reset, but that didn't help.

The radio is no longer functional. Does anyone know how to reset this radio or input a code to correct this message? Any help is appreciated.

Re: ICOM A23

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:28 am
by ka7wnf
CL-ERR means clone error. Basically the radio has amnesia and there is no programming information. You will need to clone it from another working radio or get the software and a computer to radio cable and reprogram it.