Building a repeater with 2 SM2450s

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Building a repeater with 2 SM2450s

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I have two radios and two antennas. I had seen a while back instructions to wire them together with a controller to make it work. But can't seem to find it now. Does anyone have this. Send it to my email at devernham @ comcast . net

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Re: Building a repeater with 2 SM2450s

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This is a topic on the internet that is seriously lacking.
I have worked out where to make connections to a CSI MicroPatch 9800-EXP, CES RepeaterMaker RM-10, and a CSI-32 Community Repeater Panel. I can make you some directions and a connection table to go by.

I am currently working on connecting these radios to a native GE Mastr II and/or a Motorola MSR-2000 controller card since I have a pile of them laying around

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