UHF 5100 DSP failed

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UHF 5100 DSP failed

Post by radioguy2010 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:04 pm

working with a UHF 5100. when first turned on, it would pass self test and go to chan1 and i could rotate to chan6 but for whatever reason wouldnt transmit. after a few minutes of checking functions, i turned it back on and now self tests 2 times including a display of ver 3.10.6 and then says "DSP FAILED" i have searched the site, not really seeing anything conclusive. anybody had success at getting this resolved?
internal boards NLE4349F and most likely a UCM NNTN4433A also, is there a button press combination at power on that gets it into a special config menu?

update, i took it apart and reassembled about 10 times, and finally i got it to work, although it locks up when certain button combination's are pressed on the side, and it doesnt seem to transmit at all and the TX light doesnt come on, a power cycle resets the lockup, but wont help to TX.

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