EFJ5100 strange DCS issues

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EFJ5100 strange DCS issues

Post by davidwild » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:44 pm

All, I'm having two odd DCS decode issues with my EFJ 5100 VHF. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

First, when scanning, if the radio stops on a channel that has a DCS tone set, the audio will cut out for about 0.5 seconds every couple of seconds (this is not the priority scan cutting in). This doesn't happen on channels with CTCSS

Second, I have one other (Tekk) radio that, when I transmit on a channel with DCS, the EFJ does not decode it (i.e. does not break squelch, but I get the signal if I press the monitor button). However, all other radios I have will decode for that one radio, and the EFJ will decode for all other radios on the same channel/DCS pair

Any idea what might be happening? I'm wondering if I need to get the radio retuned by the radio shop. Otherwise the radio seems to work fine



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