5300 Help ID problem

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5300 Help ID problem

Post by prc104 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:07 pm

Hi All,

I came across a couple of EFJ 5300 radios and dragged them back to the shop. They don't seem to work on the bench as they power up, beep, then display EFJ * V200 on the front display. Other than that they do not do anything else with the controls. They are frontmount VHF radios with the following info:

Model no: 242-5317-101-AAAB
FCC ID: ATH2425317

Anyone want to take a guess if they just need to be programmed properly? or are they bricked? They are clean inside and look complete.

I do have a 5300 cable available, but would need some direction as to the PCC version I should start with.


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