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EF Johnson 5317 Mobile.

Post by Jim1348 » Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:56 pm

I have a friend that uses an EF Johnson 5317 mobile for Civil Air Patrol. He was set up on a channel for CAP, made one transmission, keys down, and hears 3 beep tones before the unit transmission occurs and he wants to know why. He is physically handicapped and has trouble seeing smaller print. I while also search for an on-line manual, but in the meantime if anybody knows the significance of the 3 beep tones it would be greatly appreciated.

This, by the way, is a URL for the manual http://www.squadron282.com/resources/manualefjohnsonmobile.pdf

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Re: EF Johnson 5317 Mobile.

Post by Intrinsically Safe » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:07 pm

The reason for the beeps could me multiple but here are my thoughts
1. If this is programmed for use on a trunking system then you may be hearing the 'go ahead' or 'talk permit' tone
a. Because this is a CAP radio I doubt this is it
2. The radio could be programmed to do some sort of Pre TX ANI (probably DTMF)
3. There could be an over/under voltage issue with the radio (it will be indicated on the display)

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Re: EF Johnson 5317 Mobile.

Post by W0VNE » Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:12 pm

Someone (probably) pressed the button to put it into crypto mode and the radio was not set up for that. Pass him along this cheat sheet that will put the radio into a working condition. Excuse the formating. Cut and past this into a text editor and change it to monospaced fonts so it looks right.
Or message me and I'll send a PDF.

* * * NOTE: UNOFFICIAL - This is my personal radio "preflight checklist"

1) Turn on Power Supply *Mission Base Radios only

2) Turn on the radio. Press the left knob On-Off Volume Knob (in) once.

3) Press [TX PWR] until HI POWER is displayed. *Note: Low power means short range ground to ground!

4) If you see a (moving) rotating Clock Symbol on the display Press [SCAN] to turn it off.

5) Press [SEL SQ] until you see the message SQUELCH NORMAL.

6) Check that the radio transmits. If you see NO KEYS and or hear a series of beeps during transmit press [ CS ] once. *Note: This radio does not have Cryptographic Keys loaded.

7) Select your ZONE by pressing the SELECT Knob (in) once then rotating the SELECT knob to adjust the left most digits to the zone you wish. Example Press (in) once the SELECT knob then rotate the SELECT Knob until your display shows you are in ZONE 1.
[ZONE 1 01 XX]
^ ^
: :...ZONE (number 1-16) *Note DASH above indicates ZONE select
:..Alphanumaric Channel Display

8) Now Press (in) the SELECT Knob to get out of selecting ZONE. This should return it to channel select mode. To Dial in CC1 (aka Command and Control Channel 1)
Rotate the SELECT knob until you see CC1 in the Alphanumeric Display the channel number will be channel 1 (*NOTE You must have already selected ZONE 1)
[CC1 01 01]
^ ^ ^
: : :..CHANNEL 1 *Note DASH above indicates CHANNEL select
: :..ZONE 1
:..Alphanumeric Channel Display

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