53 SL ES zone fail problem

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53 SL ES zone fail problem

Post by johnnyc » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:10 pm

I've got a a 52SL ES mobile radio with a zone fail error after programming . I beleived they used PCC ver .2.18.2 on the radio. tried reprogramming the radio with ver.2.14.10 but still have the same problem.I'm able to read the radio an the programming info is there. any ideas?
File format ver. 5.11
DSP software ver 4.18.0
Controller ver 6.12.5
Hard ware ver 0.2.0
Boot ver 6.6
CPLD ver 11
EEPROM ver. 2.0

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Re: 53 SL ES zone fail problem

Post by Intrinsically Safe » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:43 pm

Zone Fail just indicates the radio is programmed for more channels than what it is optioned for.
For example if you have 48 channel radio you cannot program more than 3 zones or you'd get that message.
EFJ kinda did it weird in these radios that the radio may be optioned for 48 channels, but you cannot have 48, one channel zones, you really need to take the number of channels the radio is optioned for and divide by 16. That is the max number of zones you can program into the radio.

Do a Transfer>Read Options and that will tell you how many channels the radio is optioned for

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