High Power VHF 5300 136-146 band

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High Power VHF 5300 136-146 band

Post by btrains »

How do I get the high power 5300 to do 136-146? I know it has to do something with PCTune, but I don't know what. I'm assuming I need to go under Tools -> Other Tools... but that requires a password, which I don't have.

Does anyone know?

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Re: High Power VHF 5300 136-146 band

Post by W0VNE »

I believe you run tune read all the parameters. (Save them) then select band and instead of VHF High or VHF Low you select VHF. I don't expect it will work perfectly at the band edges but in my one experiment it worked fine.

I don't have the tools password either but it seems like they do a lot of warnings about bricking your radio using those exotic features.

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