EFJ 5100 Mic connection issues

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EFJ 5100 Mic connection issues

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Bought a used EFJ 5100 off of a good friend about 3 weeks ago, and have since bought a brand new EFJ Mic (589-0015-057) that worked great up until today. After trying to transmit, Mic sound was very weak and scratchy, so I unplugged Mic and built-in sound worked fine. After reconnecting and still finding sound bad, I pushed up and against the radio and the sound worked fine. I believe that there is a problem somewhere between the connections of the Mic and the ports of the radio itself... any advice or similar problems?

*Hope pictures help... Can give different angles if needed*



If anyone has anything that can help... Please let me know.


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Re: EFJ 5100 Mic connection issues

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This looks an older version radio (pre ES) and the side connectors were notoriously soft. You can see the dimpling taking place.
That is the crux of your problems, poor electrical/mechanical connection.
The only way to remedy is to press the connector tighter somehow, or replace the side port flex.

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