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EF Johnson Encryption question

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:04 pm
by k7bpg
Hi all,

So I am more familiar with Motorola, but would like to pick up a radio to work on the system I help maintain. The two biggest requirements are smartzone and multikey encryption. I know what to look for in a Motorola, but do the EFJ's work the same way with a flashcode, or do I just need to look for one with the several different encryption types?


Re: EF Johnson Encryption question

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:49 am
by Intrinsically Safe
This is where it can get tricky. Originally the radio were shipped with no encryption capability unless purchased at the time of order.
later on they added single key DES/DES-OFB as a way to combat Motorola essentially giving away ADP. So there are a ton of radios out there that have the ability to load a single key in DES or DES-OFB mode without having to purchase anything. If you want to do multi key, then you will need to purchase that option from EFJ. This is just an option file based on the radio ESN that you load via PCConfigure (ES Series) or Armada (VP/VM series). No need to send in the radio.
As for SZ, same think, it is added via an option file based on the ESN.
Hope this kinda helps.