any active EFJ users left?

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any active EFJ users left?

Post by j+1 »

are there any technical EFJ 5100/Ascend/ES users alive here?

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by W2WTF »

Yea, I still like playing with my Johnson.... needs a firmware boost though...

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by Intrinsically Safe »

Define active? LOL
I check from time to time but not often. Just happened to be around today....
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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by ee1993 »

Former CS user looking for a new EF Johnson home. I do CAP stuff so just VHF conventional P25 and narrowband analog. 5300 and 5100, Starting to see version 6 5300ES radios showing up on EBay. CAP radios are getting rather long in the tooth these days.

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by N5CWM »

I still have my 5100s. Two VHF and one UHF. Sitting up on a shelf nearby looking good but collecting dust.
Every one in awhile I'll charge some batteries and put one on scan for awhile.

When the local UHF P25 ham repeater was replaced with a DMR repeater I no longer carried my
UHF daily.

Still have an XTS3 and 5K as well.

There's a device called a DV4-Mini that will allow you to use your P25 radio to talk to other
users via P25.

For more information and how to set this up, see this link.


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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by jim202 »

It's been a while since there have been any post here.

I am still using both the 5100 and 5300 radios. Have VHF and UHF versions. Not that much UHF activity where I am at, but the VHF activity is doing well. Have the radios set up for both public safety and some ham frequencies. They will do both wide band for ham use and narrow band for public safety.

Have not had any problems programming them, but you can't use a really high speed clocked computer. The radio and or software seems to barf and refuses to run.


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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by W0VNE »

To keep the thread alive. A big yes!

I'm very active with refurbing 5100, 5317 & 18s. Since EF Johnson went kinda kerput I've been getting some work fixing them. I mostly sell ones that I refurbish (Clean, test, repair *make cables and find microphones) I reverse engineered a little circuit board to program the radio / update the firmware that I put up on EBAY for $50 so if your still wanting a way to program the 53xx series here is an inexpensive way to do it. I don't do social networking much but if you go to the Facebook and look up refurbatron I did a short video of me going bonkers opening the first box of circuit boards. *100% perfect btw!

I wish I could find the 5300 version one firmware / boot upgrader 1.30.7 Its probably not that important as it seems like most of the revisions are to fix trunking which is not important to the folks I'm selling stuff to.

I've got the 1.64 dsp upgrader but... Anyway I'm still into these radios. Since they are showing up at more rational prices a lot of CAP members are starting to own (And use) a radio again which is great to hear. I've also been selling some to some volunteer fireman and police in small towns that aren't going to 800 MHz *Which I also think is a good thing.

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by motorcoachdoug »

I live in Maryland the Non Free State right now as well. I have a EFJohnson Ascend 5100 ES with V6.16.10 also. Trying to get a Motorola Smartzone key so i an monitor Montgomery County FD and PD. So far no joy as well. If anyone can give me a hand i would be grateful. I do have a hex editor and have been trying to teach myself on how to use it as well.
So yes their are a few of us left here

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by Flatlander »

I just got my first 5100 and 5300. Came with software and cables. Just need to find a computer that's old enough to have a serial port! Ha! May have a line on that though.

I now have 5 efj's.
1x 5300 dash mount vhf
1x 5300 remote face vhf
1x es5300 380-470
1x 5100 mod 2 VHF
1x es5100 mod 3 7/800

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Re: any active EFJ users left?

Post by N5CWM »

I just purchased my 4th EFJ5100, a UHF1 ES model 3. I updated the features using PCIssue (added FPP and MDC1200).
It's a version 6.8.4 radio and I can update the flash but I'm hesitant as I don't want to brick it, as it works great as is.

The versions I have access to are 06.08.06, 06.10.03 or 06.12.04 but I'm not sure what will be gained by upgrading, as
I expect these version updates are relevant to trunking, which I have not use for.

So yeah, I'm still an active EFJ user in 2020, as per the tread title! Thanks to the Raspberry Pi MMDVM devices I can use it on
P25 since the last local ham P25 repeater was swapped out for a pretty much inactive and not internet connected DMR
repeater. I miss the P25 repeater we had as it had great coverage.

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