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Trade 5300 Programer for HC08 11.11 Boot, DSP Firmware?

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:38 pm
by W0VNE
I'm in the middle of fixing 4 oldie REV 3 logic boards and I've got a couple that beep on power up telling me that the CPU is working. Then nothing. I can read version info and I see that
File Fmt Version = 0.0
DSP Software Version = 0.0
HC08 Software Version = 11.11

I've got nothing for these original radios or other ver 1 firmware (*DSP I'm covered 1.64) or the ver 2 radios. Does anyone have some of the .out files or express loaders for these? I've built up a programmer that you can switch into firmware upload mode and I'm willing to trade. Or your choice of my old RF Guys 5300 program cable. Or?