Regency XL 200 Rh256b

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Regency XL 200 Rh256b

Post by kb9qkl »

I have a regency rh256b that I had just programmed and the frerquency that I put into channel 2 is 150.475 I get no transmit what could ve the problem I programmed is just like I was supposed to twice.


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Post by redbird »

Align the VCO. I can sell you a manual if you need it. You might need to align RF circuits also.

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Post by KF4SQB »

To narrow down the possibilities a little, how close are the other frequencies to your 'problem frequency'? Redbird is probably right, but I would check first to be certain. If you need the manual, give me an email addy, preferably one that accepts large (app. 11 mb) files, and I'll send one to you. Sorry to steal your profit Redbird........
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