Teletec Omni IQ-2000 repeater--- info needed

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Teletec Omni IQ-2000 repeater--- info needed

Post by Will » Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:12 am

The local comms team got a like new Teletec OMNI IQ 2000 mobile repeater/crossband repeater combo, and I am looking for information on the setup.
It came with a Omni installation and operation manual, 092902-00040 but it does not have any schematics or information on the control head.
There is one VHF and one UHF remote mount radio with a interface tying them together at the front of each 'tray', the fiber optic cables, but no control unit/head.
Any information will be greatly appreciated,


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Re: Teletec Omni IQ-2000 repeater--- info needed

Post by radioman2003 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:28 pm

I know this is a very OLD post, but I am looking for information also for the mobile radio. I have basically a brand new radio in the box without the fiber optic cables. I know this is a 25 + year old radio and that the company didn't last very long, at least not in the radio business, so any information that any one has I would also appreciate.
A little background I have from trying to deal with the company in 1983 or 1984. The company was formed by a group of former Motorola engineers,that were laid off, as I was told by the sales people back then. The company would not sell any of it's product to anyone except Public Safety (That's why I bought 3 X-9000 instead)and it's a neat little radio that kinda looks like the Spectra A-7, but 5 years before that radio came out. it's PC programmable, has separate uv e-proms for firmware for radio and display like the X-9000. I have the 100 watt VHF version, and I would like to get it going. A funny thing about it is that it has the same cap problem as the Spectra radio. When I plugged it in 2 caps detonated on the control head interface board. I may try using a Cat-5 cable and bypass the fiber.

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