MAX 232 to program RELm SLU25 help

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MAX 232 to program RELm SLU25 help

Post by bd5tad » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:50 am

i make a MAX232 IC use RS232 to TTL LINE. will to program the RELM SLU-25 with the soft SLPTPC.EXE and dos pc.replace the IA 4500 programmer.can anyone tell me what is TX line and RX line at the microphone pin outs belowe:

Pin 1 = RX earpiece audio (not connected)
Pin 2 = Ground
Pin 3 = PTT (+5vdc in RX, 0vdc in TX)
Pin 4 = Microphone Audio (low impedance)
Pin 5 = Hang up (+5vdc off hook, 0vdc on hook)
Pin 6 = Switched +13vdc (Not connected)

anyone help me ? thanks VY 73 de BD5TAD

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