70-3400BD Repeater narrowband questions

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70-3400BD Repeater narrowband questions

Post by silverbk » Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:40 am

I have the 70-3400BD repeater in VHF it has the optional board for 12.5khz channel spacing with 1/2nd if filters.

Does anyone know if this rig meets the new narrowbanding fcc specs?
If so how do I get proof that it does?

This is for a government application so everything must be by the book.

any help appreciated,


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Re: 70-3400BD Repeater narrowband questions

Post by Techmedic » Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:09 pm

Obviously by installing the kit and changing deviation to spec it would be fine.
By the book....hmmm...
The BD series were offered when narrow banding was just being talked about so I can tell you there exists no positive proof from Midland that this unit was independently (key word here) tested with documented evidence (I have copies of most tested radios from indenpendent labs for most Midland radios) for narrow band operation.

I would suggest that you; offer as evidence that the proper kit has been installed and the radio has been re-tuned accordingly. Perhaps if they still require "proof" (this radio is about fifteen years old in terms of when it first hit the market, so there needs to be a bit of leeway and common sense here) perhaps another shop test it and report accordingly.
You create a "Certificate of Compliance" that states that you have serviced this radio and you certify it meets narrow band requirements.
I create CofC's all the time.

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