Programming Midland 70-201BD or Maxon SD-125 UHF

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Programming Midland 70-201BD or Maxon SD-125 UHF

Post by rodnsue » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:26 pm


Does anyone have a programmer for the following radio's?
Midland 70-201BD or Maxon SD-125 UHF.

The Midland radio is apparently just a relabeled Maxon SD-125 UHF. I am
looking for the schematic for the programmer or the complete FCC ID number from the
The schematic would be best but I might be able to do a FCC ID search to
find it if I could get the ID number.

The programming kit for the Midland is a 70-1410K. I can't find the
programming adaptor number only, just the kit number.

The Maxon programming adaptor is a ACC2000

This is just a winter project to see what I can make from these radio's.
Maybe a flea power local repeater?

Thanks to all,

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