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Post by willbartlett » Fri Aug 09, 2002 9:38 am

In my previous post, I was having trouble accessing the edacs radio (628 controler) through the mpa software, looks like I was using the wrong program. I downloaded the edacs1 program from the radtek site and it worked fine, I was able toe re-initialize the radio with no issues. I have to say, GE radios are a bit easier to deal with than MOTOROLA, at least in terms of programming.

The following is my experience with programming. I do not reccomend proceding in the manner in which I did unless you are confident in your ability to clear a corrupted flash prom or codeplug. end of disclaimer.

Well, Here's the update. I started feeling adventurous last night. It appears that one can flash program the radio using the basic programming interface I described earlier. Watching the timing of the mpaflash program, you can apply +12v to the cts line when the radio is in the watchdog timer mode after reading the original codeplug, let the radio zero and erase the flash part, flash the new code and then remove the +12v when the program resets the cts and dtr lines. I reccomend powering down the radio before the flash program does a read/compare, as it will attempt to restore the programming as it existed before. I had to reflash the radio after letting it do this. I now have a fully functional hamflashed radio. Very cool functionality, worked like a charm, after I went through the initialization process.

I'm going to take a shot at the 081 board next.

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