GE / Ericsson KPC & M/A-Com Panther 500P

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GE / Ericsson KPC & M/A-Com Panther 500P

Post by radio230 »

Can anyone tell me if the GE Ericsson KPC-300 is the same radio as the M/A-Com Panther 500P. I know they use the same batteries, speaker mic, etc. Are there any diffrences between them or are the identical except for model name and slight case variations?

Also, would a KPC charger and Pather 500P charger be interchangeable. Can the DOS programminf sftware for KPC work with a Panther 500P?

This may seem like a dumb question, but 1 person i talked to said they are exactly the same, and another said the only thing the same is shape and battery. :-?
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Post by n_zero_ndp »

KPC charger will work with 500p and LPE50/200/Prism...

KPC dosware will not work with the 500p. It requires the Windows

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Post by cvasara »

The KPC 300 and the Panther 500 have several differences, as noted above the software is completly different.
Most of the accessories are interchangable, lapel microphones, antennas, chargers, but the batteries are not truely interchangable. If you use a KPC batttery on a Panther, it will fit on the radio loosely, and as the battery is moved, will make and break power to the radio. If a Panther nicad, is attached to a KPC, you will have to force it onto the radio frame. It will go, but the Panther nicad is ever so slightly wider, and is a very tight fit onto the frame. You will have a heck of a time removing it from the radio.
Electrically, they are interchangeable, but mechanically, they are not.

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