Upgrading MRK flashcode?

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Upgrading MRK flashcode?

Post by Splat »

I'm still new to GE/Ericsson/Macom radios so go easy on me guys. :grin:

I don't know if this is all one would need to tell the flashcode revision but my MRK's current flash ID is 4A4 and the "radio software file name" is M2G33400. I've got access to a flashcode file of M2G46402.BIZ. I believe this is a newer flash version, right? If so, if I load the new flashcode into my MRK would I then need to change the tracking/tuning data to what it was or would it need to be totally retuned? Thanks.

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Re: Upgrading MRK flashcode?

Post by mitaux8030 »

You can freely upgrade your flashcode in the MRK without needing to redo the tracking data.
I'd be saving the following data before doing any flash update anyway:
Personality data - just read with programmer, then write to disc.
Tracking data - done in radio maint, read from radio, then write to disc.
Feature encryption data - again, done in radio maint.
Flash & DSP codes - yep, you guessed it, radio maint to the rescue again.

When fiddling around in radio maint, make sure you only read stuff out of the radio, and write to disc... you can make a horrible mess of a radio if you indescriminately do things.

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Re: Upgrading MRK flashcode?

Post by mattimac »

can you explain what you mean by "radio maint"? I have found no information in manuals about any maintenance mode in M-RK except "Radio diagnostic code" which appear to be special small personalities, which used to be distrubuted on floppies.

I see that Programmer is able to read and write Flash Code and ADI but it does not seem to change the features.

Thanks in advande, any help with changing features will be much appreciated.

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