Bendix King Programming Instructions

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Bendix King Programming Instructions

Post by posse401 »

Does anyone have a copy of the field programming instructions for the Bendix King EPH series radios? I have not been able to find anything online. If you could post of PM that would be great.


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Post by mancow »

This is a pdf of the factory manual.

Back off the BKProgram.pdf part of the above URL and you'll find all kinds of BK goodies.


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Post by Birken Vogt »

You don't have to have the programming adapter button either. Just pull off the rubber side cover, there is a 6 pin connector there. Jam a key or pocketkife in the back two (upper and lower) contacts while holding the FCN key and it will go into programming mode that way. We use that feature all the time in the fire service


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Bendix King Programming Instructions

Post by Jim1348 »

I just got an old UHF Bendix King, but when I put it in the programming mode it doesn't stay in that mode. It almost seems like the battery is shot. Will a bad battery cause this to happen?

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Re: Bendix King Programming Instructions

Post by ai4ui »

If it cycles power due to a battery problem then that will cause it to exit program mode. NIFC has some nice programming instructions you can print and laminate for your wallet or pocket if you want.




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