Making IC-2100 remote head ?

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Making IC-2100 remote head ?

Post by eng5 »

A buddy of mine wants to remote-mount his 2100, with the head on the dash and the radio under the seat.

This model wasn't intended to do that, but the head does detach pretty easily, just two screws holding it on and two 12-pin connectors marked MXJ that mate when the head is bolted on. It looks like it can be done cleanly and easily by soldering a 25-pin computer cable onto the pins, but he'd rather not do that.

Has anyone tried this, or does anyone know where to get the connectors? Several Icom "repair centers" say they don't have them.


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Post by Alex »

Actually, i think a new development in this project is that Icom gave him the part numbers.

I would personaly use ethernet cable (CAT5) to do it - higher quality and less bulky than printer cable.

I'm sure 10 has some heat shrink they could donate to make it look pretty slick. I didn't look at how the control head was mounted, so I don't know if there are 24 pins on both ends, or 12 on each end.


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Post by 911_guy »

I'm actually working on a remote mount kit for my 2100. I've engineered it similar to the Quickmount version for the MatTrac/Radius series of radios. I'll post something about it when I get it done.

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