Non H version of IC2100?

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Non H version of IC2100?

Post by k2xm »

Does anyone know if ICOM made a Non H version of the IC2100?

I recently sold a IC2100H on e-Bay, and after a month the buyer
is coming back and saying it's not an H version. I've asked him
to e-mail the FCC number from the S/N tag to me.

His complaint is that it's not an H version because it doesn't have
wideband transmit. This guy is a Baja racer and says he needs
the radio to do wide band transmit. I had no need for wideband
transmit, so never did the mod. My e-Bay listing clearly said it
was for the 2 meter (144-148mHz) band.

Anybody know??


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Post by k3td »

As far as I know, the 2100H was only available in one version. The radios needed an aftermarket mod to allow transmitting outside of the ham bands. Relatively easy to do by the user, commonly referred to as the MARS-CAP mod.

Tad, K3TD

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