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Icom AT-160

Post by MakCom »

Hello world,

I have just traded 2 Motorola GP300 with DTMF keypad and display for 4 Maxon SL-25 and 1 more witch haves an small defect...

And the guy askes me if I want a brand new Icom AT-160, it have only been used one time... And the condition is perfect...

What is this radio?
Do I want it, it is free?

Can I use it on UHF 446.975 MHz ?

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I don't think it is a radio ...

Post by n9gik »

No, it won't do a thing for you on UHF, bit if it's free, take it. You can always put it on ebay, eham, or qrz.

Excerpt from http://www.kb2ljj.com/data/icom/ic-160.htm
ICOM's AT-160 is a very popular antenna tuner. Originally designed to work with the IC-728 and IC-729 transceivers (now out of production), the AT-160 will work with the IC-706MKII if the following instructions are followed:

I finally found this on Icom's web site at http://www.icomamerica.com/support/arch ... ic-728.asp

AT-160 100 W AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER: Can be attached to the IC-728 side panel. Power and tuning are controlled through the IC-728.

I found a review of it in the ARRL's members only section. It was designed to workd with the Icom IC-725, IC-726, IC-728, and IC-729 radios. In 1993 it had a retail price of $413.

A search turned up a classified on a site called Astromart.com with this ad: (from http://www.astromart.com/classifieds/de ... _id=307421 )
Need an auto tuner for an ICOM IC-728, etc. Can trade a scope or other astro stuff for it. If you think you might want to let one go, then please contact me.

I'm not a registered user on that board, so could not access the contact info. You might want to look into it.
I don't know much about 2-way radios but I'm over 50 and can't remember not having one around. Everything from Buddy and Citi-fone to Icom and Kenwood.

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