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Post by Howard_G7LQY »

Just got this radio from the junk sale, it rx ok but the tx output is very low
in both the low and high settings.
Anyone know what the prob could be ?

73s De Howard G7LQY
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Re: HELP: IC-255E

Post by telemetryguy »

Sorry for the delayed response, but I just joined this board.

I hate to answer a question with a question, but, do you know if this radio uses a discrete final transistor or module? I had an old Kenwood 2 meter transceiver that put out only 300 milliwatts high or low. Turns out it was a hairline crack in one of the silver striplines inside the final module. "Painted" the trace with a thin soldering iron tip and silver solder, and, voila, 35 watts out.

Maybe this will help you.

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