IC-RP1520 Help please?

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IC-RP1520 Help please?

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Could I please get confirmation on the proper programming sequence for the CW ID
Call Sign section of the Icom IC-RP1520 please? I have a copy of the
owners/operation manual, but in the section that describes how to program the CW
ID, there is conflicting information (printed vs. hand-written) on the
programming sequence.

Printed in the manual, it describes how to clear the previous ID call sign: Set
both S7 and S8 to "C", then press S6. Hand-written in the section, there
appears to be a correction for S7 and S8 to be set to "F", and also doing a
power cycle before continuing. Which is correct?

You then proceed to program the ID call sign using the table and settings for S7
and S8, followed by pushing S6 after each character.

The next conflict occurs when completing the ID Call Sign entry. THe printed
manual states to set S7 and S8 to "F" for any remaining spaces (followed by S6)
after the call sign up to the 20 total character spaces. The hand-written
correction states to set S7 and S8 to "B", the blank space for the remaining
unused characters. Which is correct?

I have tried various combinations of the methods described, but still can't seem
to have the repeater transmit a CW ID Call Sign. I checked the lithium battery
and it is still good, tried a CPU reset, and made sure S4-2 is set to ON to
enable the ID function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The repeater functions well otherwise
(Tx and Rx), but just need to get the ID to work.

Thanks very much for any recommendations or clarifications!


Steve KC6IJM

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