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Icom p25

Post by twowayradiony » Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:06 pm

Has anyone used any of the Icom P25 radios?If so how did you like them?How do they preform? ect please feel free to add and info you would like

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Re: Icom p25

Post by jsikora » Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:43 pm

Have used them since they were released in VHF. I love the portable, and the mobile is really ok. I dont use it daily in P25, but the rest of the features are nice also. When I am at my brothers visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains I program in all the P25 NPS stuff and use it also. I have had good luck
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Re: Icom p25

Post by mam1081 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:00 pm

I have a 2821D - the audio is very nice on analog and good on digital. We did have some issues using it through a M Quantar repeater in digital mode - it would miss some data and voice every few seconds. We updated the firmware, and it lessened the problem, but still not perfect. I suppose it could have been something in the programming of the Quantar (it was a ham repeater).

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