Icom F3s

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Icom F3s

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i have an IC-f3s unit and puchased a programming unit the opc-888 multi programming unit with RS232 interface

I initially had an issue getting it to work but by accident got it going. This was like 3yrs ago and I forgot the trick

I am using an RS232 to USB converter

Windows XP recognises the converter and ive set it to com1

When i try to read the radio it gives me a "RS232 communication error...........etc"

Can any please help me?

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Re: Icom F3s

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I have programmed those before and if I'm not mistaken you need to run the software in DOS.

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Re: Icom F3s

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Correct it is a dos program. It will not work with a USB adapter. You need a 9 pin for it to work correctly
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