TM-271A problem

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TM-271A problem

Post by dpd4703 »

We have a TM-271A mounted in a vehicle that receives perfectly but when the PTT is pressed the radio shuts down and powers back up. The antenna checked out good and it shows 12 volts coming in through the power cord.

Any suggestions on what to check or what may be the problem? Thanks for any ideas.

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First place I would look

Post by n9gik »

Simply because it is easiest the first place I would look is the power cable. Is it heavy enough? Does the connection have the capability to handle the current you are drawing?

Dad put a 45 watt business radio in his truck and plugged it into the cigarette lighter, then wondered why it didn't work right.

I have seen wires that would test good, but had broken conductors that would not allow enough current through to handle the load. Heard a Xerox tech discuss that one time. He spent an entire day on the floor of an office tracing wires in a copier. Found one that tested good but wouldn't work. When he stripped it back he found one strand of wire was all that was still connected.
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Post by k2hz »

That is usually a symptom of high resistance somewhere in the power wiring. The voltage is ok on RX but the higher TX current results in so much voltage drop that the radio shuts down. Look for a corroded plug or connector, a splice not properly crimped, poor ground connection, etc..

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