Kenwood TK 709 No TX Audio

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Kenwood TK 709 No TX Audio

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Hi All,

Can anyone help please, I have got a TK 709 with no TX Audio. It transmits RF and the RX is fine. The radio also programmes ok. It had a data cable on it when it came I think it was used in the Police Service. I have had several TK 809s with the same data cable on and been able to mod these back again by just linking a broken track on the volume contol. My TK 709 has not got this same mod unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated.

Martin G7MKS

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Re: Kenwood TK 709 No TX Audio

Post by erwineken »

Encode Scripts
A common problem reported is that when pressing PTT, the radio transmits a carrier but no audio. This is probably due to the Encode Scripts (left image). These are set already in M1GEO_70.DAT. Under Advanced Options > Encode formats: F4 and F5 go through scripts. TXM enables the TX Mic audio - This fixes the problem with no TX audio.

You next need to assign this to the PTT press (right image). From the Main menu > System parameters > F2. Use the up/down arrows to select Encode PTT-Press. Then select the script you created above: Use Insert key to get list of scripts.

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