Hacking a ProTalk

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Hacking a ProTalk

Post by wpflum » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:18 pm

I'm running TK-2200 and TK-2300s between two Yards, I just got my hands on the software to save and restore the settings of both radios without cloning and wanted to try and set them up to work at each yard. Turns out the Freq set in the one yard using TK-2200s is 154.6 and the closest setting in the TK-2300 is 154.655, which doesn't work very well. These are ProTalk versions so I can't change a lot in the software to get these to talk so I was wondering if anyone knows of a Software/Hardware hack I might be able to use to get them to match up. I'm trying to save money in case we'd have multiple radio failures and would need to swap radios between stores as everything is tight in the lumber business right now.


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