TK-730&830 Dual Band setup and install?? HELP!!!

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TK-730&830 Dual Band setup and install?? HELP!!!

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I have Kenwood TK-730 VHF and a Kenwood TK-830 UHF radio and the KRK-4DB dual band kit. These radios have never been set up for dual band that I know of. I have upgraded to the KCH-5 chips for FULL 160 channel operation. I have the KRK-4DB manual and the service manuals for the radios but putting it all together I am having some trouble with. If you could give me some help that would be great or if you have an easy way to get it all together and working let me know.
I began the process with getting the KRK-4DB kit into line between the two radios.
KCH-4 Control Head
Radio 1 is going to be the TK-730 VHF (FAA Kenwood JFMF 1991 chip)
Radio 2 is going to be the TK-830 UHF (FAA Kenwood JPWD-5EB7 chip)

Do I need a certain EPROM chip set in the radios for dual band set up that is different than the upgrade chipset?
This is what I have done thus far per the KRK-4DB Installation guide:
Connected KRK-4DB kit to both radios
Radio 1-???Short W106 on control unit by soldering??? Not sure what this means exactly On radio 1 currently I have a wire soldered between solder point A&B
Radio 2-Cut W102 and connect solder point A&C

Per the radio service manual modification method if KRK-4DB is used:
???If KCH-4 is used remove R35 from the display unit with a soldering iron.????

Also in regards to programming do you program the radios for dual mode operation from the KPG-7D software once the setup is complete and then it writes to both of the radios connected to the KCH-4 control head?

Any help would be great.
Thank you in advance

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