Older/newer programming for TK-790H problem

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Older/newer programming for TK-790H problem

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I just bought a TK-790H off Ebay. The radio works fine and is all programmed and ready to go, except the firmware is older in the radio. It won't let me program the fleetsync into the radio. I have 2 different firmware's that I have tried to put into the radio and neither seem to help. Is there any other firmware or ideas to get this to take the Fleetsync? I may not be putting the firmware into the radio correctly either. Any help is appreciated.Thank you.


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Re: Older/newer programming for TK-790H problem

Post by dmonty83 »

Ameradio.com had firmware last I knew. If you purchased the FPU it should have contained the "Firmware Programming Software". Good luck.

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