Alinco Programming Problem (DR605)

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Alinco Programming Problem (DR605)

Post by VA7DGP » Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:15 pm


I have been given the task of programming this dual band Alinco transceiver. The radio's belong to the Salvation Army in British Columbia. We have 14 trucks with these radios. I was hoping to program one of them and then clone the rest.

My problem is the USB/speaker plug will not operate in dos mode. The FTDI driver won't work with this USB plug. I then got out tech from work on it. They tried different RBI set up (serial connection)( I work as Inventory Clerk and Deliver Person for a Mobile Radio Sale in Surrey, BC) and the radio can not see computer, and the computer can not see radio.

Has any one been able to get it to work or do I have to manually input 50 repeaters and tones??


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