CE-27 Dealer Mode

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CE-27 Dealer Mode

Post by rescuer »


Is there a way to go into "Dealer Mode" with the Windows version of CE-27 software? I have CE27 Version 1.00 obtained through Motorola for the VXR-7000 Repeater, however I can not figure out how to get into Dealer Mode. Some of the functions are disabled. Something similar to ce27 -d so through DOS.


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Re: CE-27 Dealer Mode

Post by RadioTweester »

Not that I am aware of. I may be incorrect on the Rev #, but the Windows version was in Beta (test) release when I tried it and it was for the most part useless. You could change freqs and PL/DPL and that was it...

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Re: CE-27 Dealer Mode

Post by KI4LTX »

In the "Target:" field of your windows shortcut, put ""C:\Program Files\Vertex Standard\CE27 for Windows\CE27Win.exe" -d". This will do what you want.

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Re: CE-27 Dealer Mode, CE-60 as well

Post by radionerdguy »

I can confirm that ""C:\Program Files\Vertex Standard\CE60 for Windows\CE60Win.exe" -d" works for CE60 (VXR-9000) to enter the dealer mode. Many thanks to KI4LTX for the hint, this was driving me nuts, and of course it's not documented in any Vertex documentation or service manual or Help menu.


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Re: CE-27 Dealer Mode

Post by camsdad »

I love this site!

This little program tweak works on the new CE27 Ver 1.05 for the VXR-7000 repeater.
Just add the ( -d") string to the end of the target shortcut.
""C:\Program Files\Vertex Standard\CE60 for Windows\CE60Win.exe" -d"

KI4LTX, you rock!
I'm always willing to learn.

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Re: CE-27 Dealer Mode

Post by n9szv »

now if we just knew what the numbers mean on the deviation tab any one know? Also we are using the CE-60


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