GE Mastr II base station

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GE Mastr II base station

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Hello everyone,I am a Firefighter/EMT here in NC and i collect older/vintage radios and dispatch consoles.I am trying to find some info on a GE Mastr II cabinet mounted,VHF highband,base station that I have just aquired from a local Rescue Squad.It was removed from service due to an upgrade and is all original with the local controller desk set,desk mic and a Motorola paging encoder.The comb # shows that it is a 30" Desk Mate,Intermittent duty,110 watt,30 Khz channel spacing,extendeds control,2 TX/RX Freq.,channel guard,150.5-174 freq range,+/- 2PPM PLL base station.I have looked over the internet trying to find all of the info on this that i can find,and thered is a fair amount of it,but I still have some questions.Everything I've seen shows a top shelf with a card rack with a voltage regulator and other cards.My unit does not have this.All it has is 2 molex connectors for the local controller desk set. Any and all help with info on this station would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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Re: GE Mastr II base station

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You may have a GE MastrII E Base Station that had its own controller mounted on the back
in a horizontal manner. Try one of the below websites. Hope that helps. ... ob-and-Sta

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Re: GE Mastr II base station

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I know this is an old post but I happen to know too much about the Mastr 2.
Firstly a Mastr II is a wideband radio and is not legal to use anymore unless your a Ham or GMRS.
Secondly you have a remote base station. There should be or at one time had been a DC Remote or Tone Remote card in the shelf unless the cabinet was sitting locally at a desk or something.

To make these into a repeater first you need to have the following cards:
10 volt Regulator Control
Repeater Controller
Repeater Audio

You will also have to re crystal the radio accordingly.

Now you can connect a seperate repeater controller unit like a CSI-9800 or CSI-32 and you will not need the GE repeater control card.
I have a UHF Mastr 2 100 watt turned down to 50 watts and crystaled on GMRS, with a CSI-32 Community Repeater Panel installed instead of the original GE customer card shelf and repeater controller or repeater audio cards though I do have a DC remote card in it.

If you still need help with your radio let me know, I have service manuals on these models for everything from simplex base / paging station to conventional and trunking repeaters..

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