mcs programming

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mike m
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mcs programming

Post by mike m » Sun May 26, 2002 10:52 pm

Trying to program some uhf MCS model CNU2B using mcs version 1 S/W and I always come up with an CHECK RADIO CONNECTION error, I have the correct cable and have double checked connections and the rib works as I have programmed MPA. MPD ands S990 so I don't think that is the problem, oh yeah it is the price rid BTW. PC is a 25 MHz 486 running in true dos not out of a dos windows so this part is taken care of. Comm port is set correctly as this I have checked and double checked.

Anyone have any ideas is there anything in particular that I have missed, possibly on the control head as I don't have any info on setting up an MCS, only the cable rib box and Software ?

possibly the comm port setup ? how should the comm port be setup as I have changed it to all possible configurations and I may now be totally lost. The radio is powered up and the rib to radio cable is connected to the DB9 connector on the radio front in place of the original DB9 that goes to the control head, I assume this is correct ?
Any help appreciated as I have a large number for the red cross that need programming.


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