VHF Delta-S LBi-31565&Two Mtr. Mod.

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terence cost
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VHF Delta-S LBi-31565&Two Mtr. Mod.

Post by terence cost » Sat Jun 08, 2002 1:36 pm

The LBi number for the VHF Delta-S 100 Watt is LBi-31565.
The LBi for the S-600 control head is LBi-31231C
It contains everything you need to modify these radios for the two
meter band.
The Two Meter modification requires:
For the transmit VCO mod Add 12pf chip cap accross L209 high side to ground.
For the receive VCO remove chip cap C219 2.7pf and install 7.0pf.
To increase the VCO modulation Stack a second 68K chip resistor on top of R236.
You now have a high performance Two Meter Radio.
Thanks, Terence N8FXB

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