Repair info needed on Regency MCPH handheld

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Repair info needed on Regency MCPH handheld

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I am with a volunteer rural fire department that can't afford new radios.

Among our meager inventory are two Regency Micro-com mcph606a VHF 6-channel handhelds. These units are xtal-controlled and I haven't been able to find any info about them online.

One unit puts out a carrier but no voice and the receive volume (sound coming out of the speaker), is very low (could be microphone/speaker?)

The unit in question has FCC ID: ATE5DMCPH606A.

We had two wildland fires on the same night recently, and the second crew out had no handheld communications at all, so even these relics are vital.

Any repair or operation info you may have to offer will be profoundly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Repair info needed on Regency MCPH handheld

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Those are old radios. There could be a problem with the speaker and the microphone element, but there are many other possibilities too.

The factory no longer supports these models but you may contact me via email if you have any other questions or need parts. I still have a few parts and repaired many of them.



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